ZoomSounds – Neat HTML5 Audio Player with Waveform and Playlist


Audio Player

Want a nifty, cutting-edge, retina-ready, responsive html5 audio
player for your site ? ZoomSounds is the perfect candidate. With
three skins to fit every brand, only one format required to
function, ZoomSounds

WordPress Version

Audio Player

  • HTML5 technology– this gallery uses the latest
    html5 tehniques to deliver a never seen before experience to your
  • fully responsive– looks great
    from mobile to HD
  • flash backup– ie7 and ie8 do
    not support html5, but those users are not forgetten, the sounds
    will play for them too via the flash player
  • one mandatory format– the hard
    part is done by the player script in order for the user to have
    easy experience editing – only mp3 is
  • touch optimized– touch devices
    are not forgotten
  • five skins– for every need
  • three skins– three full skins
    to fit every brand
  • CSS3 technology– this player uses cutting-edge
    css3 definitions
  • easy install– purchase,
    download the zip, read the docs
  • iPhone / iPad optimized– this
    gallery has been optimized for Apple touch devices
  • Android optimized– this
    component has been tested on Android 4.0 and works awesome
  • developer / SASS powered– this
    component’s CSS has been built on top of SASS
    which means SASS users will have an easy time modifying the skins.
    For non-SASS users it’s no problem either
    because CSS files ( generated by SASS ) are provided
  • plays from YouTube– streams
    YouTube audio
  • plays from SoundCloud– streams
    SoundCloud audio with an API key
  • 100% css skinable– want to make
    slight modifications to the skins ? The skins are 100% built from
    the css and it is very easy to edit with css knowledge
  • SEO friendly– built with
    search engine optimizationon mind from the ground up, the
    Testimonial Rotator uses non hidden valid html markup to build the
  • compatible with all major browsers, including
    – compatible from IE7 to IE10,
    Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Mobile Optimized

Smooth on mobiles too because of

hardware acceleration. Android 4.4+ Chrome

and iOS testedto deliver super smooth


Audio Player

If you have updated html files and have your own project, you
only need to update audioplayer/audioplayer.css and
audioplayer/audioplayer.js and maybe publisher.php
– for the update to apply

UPDATE 4.26[ 02/20/2018 ]

  • [FIX] publisher.php not saving waveforms

UPDATE 4.25[ 02/16/2018 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 4.24[ 01/21/2018 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 2.73[ 11/07/2017 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs
  • [FIX] some youtube bugs with play resolved

UPDATE 2.72[ 10/16/2017 ]

  • [TWEAK] redesigned skin-minimal
  • [TWEAK] reworked some calculation of current time / total
  • [ADD]
    gapless play feature– play
    songs in a playlist without interruption, the track that is
    supposed to come next will preload 10 seconds previous to
    it’s turn, so it can start right away

UPDATE 2.71[ 09/27/2016 ]

  • [TWEAK] redesigned most buttons
  • [TWEAK] updated preview

UPDATE 2.70[ 07/21/2016 ]

  • [ADD] new wave visualization method ( skinwave_wave_mode:

UPDATE 2.67[ 07/09/2016 ]

  • [TWEAK] now playing selecting other tracks from the gallery
    keeps the current playing track volume

UPDATE 2.65[ 05/19/2016 ]

  • [TWEAK] updated preview
  • [ADD]
    grid 3 example

UPDATE 2.64[ 05/19/2016 ]

  • [FIX] google analytics for play event now works with the newest
    version of analytics.js
  • [ADD] index-analytics.html – example on how
    to use analytics for play event

UPDATE 2.63[ 05/11/2016 ]

  • [FIX] bugs

UPDATE 2.62[ 04/07/2016 ]

  • [ADD] example on how to play private soundcloud track via
  • [ADD] load metadata event
  • [FIX] not playing on mobile devices streaming from network

UPDATE 2.01[ 09/07/2015 ]

  • [FIX] various fixes

UPDATE 2.00[ 01/20/2015 ]

  • [ADD] added skin-aria
  • [ADD] added enable_easing option on the menu movement
  • [ADD] added google analytics event for play
  • [ADD] option for changing the song in a player ( + API call
  • [ADD] gallery skin – skin-default or
  • [TWEAK] changed skin wave mode slick layout from absolute to

UPDATE 1.62[ 07/03/2014 ]

  • [FIX] autoplayNext forced autoplay to on

UPDATE 1.50[ 04/02/2014 ]

  • [ADD] skin-pro
  • [TWEAK] updated preview
  • [FIX] some bugs in Safari

UPDATE 1.40[ 01/15/2014 ]

  • [ADD] now comments can appear when the scrub head is over
  • [ADD] skin-justthumbandbutton
  • [ADD] new stick to bottom mode
  • [ADD] new slick mode for skin-wave
  • [TWEAK] updated preview
  • [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 1.10[ 06/06/2013 ]

  • [add] all new flash generator for the waveforms [ the old html5
    had some compatibility issues ]
  • [fix] compatibility issues

Audio Player
Extra Features


You can disable scrubbar, volume controls,
fullscreen controls thumbnail and more. You can customize all
colors via CSS. The player on the left uses the second skin of the
player. The first skin being the sound wave skin at the top.

Retina Ready.

Each skin
is fully responsive and retina-ready. Wow. The player itself has
been tested on all major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari,
IE7-10. And optimized for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.


Sometimes more is less, and this player has every
scenario covered. This in the right is the representation of the
third skin of the player, a minimal implementation which even has
scrub controls ( if you click on the margins ).

Only One

Todays html5 audio players require the world in
different audio formats. But not this one. Only mp3 is required and
ogg is optional.


You can place as many
players on a page as you wish. If another player is playing and you
click on a different one, the other player will stop playing, just
try in here.


Self hosted audios are not your only option. You can
also play streams from YouTube or SoundCloud, or even Shoutcast
radio stations*

* ( for Shoutcast ) – You must first check
if the stream is audio/mpeg. Let’s take for
example you open this in a browser you will see that Content Type:


With New
CanvasMode – After mp3 is
loaded, the waveform will be generated automatically
– this will happen only once and then will be
saved into the database – so further playings of
the mp3 will read from the saved generated waveform instantly


With Old ( Deprecated )

  • generate waveforms with an admin panel ( waveformgenerator.php
    ) – on which you can change color, multiplier,
    track locatinon etc / flash based
  • generate waveforms for all the mp3s in a folder (
    wavegeneratorfromdir.php ) / flash based
  • generate waveform for song.mp3 to wavesbg.png and wavesprog.png
    – static ( waveform.html ) –
    you can edit that html for different colors, names / flash
  • waveformgenerator_html/ for using the html5 waveform generator
    / html5 based , I do not support this at the moment

Presentation for the first two method –


  • tracks and images are not included in the download
  • to use commenting system you will need php server
  • youtube will not work as audio on iDevices but as a video due
    to the platform limitations
  • waveform will be generated automatically, but it will need a
    php server for the saving feature


In the smaller player (the circular player on the right hand side
of your demo page) I would like to be able to make the whole player
larger. Instead of 100px / 100px I would like 500px/ 500px. Where
do I change this? I’ve edited the canvas but it
has gone smaller!

Just edit the 100 width and 100 height in
this piece of code and you should be alright ( line ~377 )

_conPlayPause.children('.playbtn').append('<canvas width="100"
height="100" class="playbtn-canvas"/>');
                    skin_minimal_canvasplay =
_conPlayPause.children('.pausebtn').append('<canvas width="100"
height="100" class="pausebtn-canvas"/>');
can this/does this bind to the <audio> tags?

There is no
way to bind to the audio tag

It will create an audio tag by it’s own

but I think the format is fairly easy

<div id="apsimple" class="audioplayer-tobe" style="width:100%;
margin-top:0;" data-videotitle="Audio Video" data-type="normal"
    <div class="meta-artist"><span
class="the-artist">Tim McMorris</span> - It's a beautiful
    jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {

        dzsap_init("#apsimple", {
            autoplay: "off" 
how to place play and artist on top of wave ( in skin-wave )

Just add the class
alternate-skinto the

where are
comments saved ?

db<a href=â€/ folder
– make sure permissions are set to 755

†rel=â€nofollowâ€>/ folder
– make sure permissions are set to 755

Comments do not save / waveforms do not save

For waveform
generation also make sure


is in the player settings.

To access the database you will need to have a php server. If
you already have one, then all that zoomsounds needs is the
location of
publisher.php. That file handles retrieving and
publishing comments / waveforms . If publisher.php is in the same
folder as the html just input


in the player settings. Otherwise, point to the correct

For waveform generation also make sure


is in the player settings.

Where i can set “play next song
automatically†in playlist

make sure
autoplayNextis set to
“on†( autoplayNext:
“on†) in audiogallery settings

is there a way to accept MPEG file format audio-only?

you can have only .mp3 as the stream like the example above and
it will use the Flash Backup for unsupported browser


  • beautiful tracks by and
  • for wave pcm data

Other Awesome