ZeGuten — Blocks for Gutenberg


ZeGuten Overview

is the plugin for native WordPress blocks editor
Gutenberg. Makes creating content super easy for everyone, from
beginners to experienced developers. Use animated effects,
structurize content, apply custom backgrounds, and showcase
publications like a pro with simple WordPress blocks!


With ZeGuten you are able to create outstanding designs based on
extra blocks made for WordPress blocks editor. There is a number of
blocks that will let you display publications, work on creating
beautiful layouts using responsive columns, add engaging
infographics, and comparisons, with just pure blocks. Every block
is easy to customize and can be a good asset even if you
don’t know how to approach website building.


Easy to use

Everything is extremely easy to tune. You
don’t have to be experienced in coding to create
beautiful page layouts with custom backgrounds and animations.
ZeGuten blocks will let you do everything in mere minutes!

Dozens of Style

With ZeGuten you can style up your content according to your
needs to make it suit perfectly your specific purposes and fit the
design of your webpage like a glove!

Explore ZeGuten

The Set of Blocks for Any Content Type

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for WordPress and Gutenberg

ZeGuten blocks are super easy to use, and
don’t require any extra builder to become your
go-to asset when building content. Just use them in tandem with
WordPress blocks editor, and you’ll be impressed
how easy your work with content will become!


## 1.0.0 [January 24, 2020]
- initial version.