Woocommerce Products Wizard


The WooCommerce Products Wizard plugin enables
mass-customization features for your store, and
giveyour customers the opportunity to personalize their

Boost your sales and enhance
your customers’ shopping experience by:

  • Enabling customersto configure and build products
    that fit their requirements
  • Simplifying the way your customers buy
    complex, customized products
  • Offering

    features on
    your WooCommerce store

What use-case you can achieve for your shop:

  • Gift boxes
  • Software bundles
  • Personalized dishes
  • Customized services
  • Furniture configuration
  • Custom technics or mechanisms
  • And anything you can imagine within the plugin!

What exactly is possible
to achieve:

  • Different
    workflow modes: step tabs, single screen and
  • Unlimited numberof steps with their own content,
    view, settings, and rules
  • Combine products to a single
    kitif you need
  • Get products requests via
    emailwith a generated cart
    PDFfile attached
  • Collect
    custom order datafrom customers using HTML
  • Apply a flexible
    discountto products bought through a wizard
  • Allow to select
    one or manyproducts from a step
  • Set
    AND/ORproducts conditions to show only fit
  • Add products
    filterswithin steps
  • Set a
    pre-defined bundleof products for the first
  • And many-many


  • Full async work – no excess page
  • Responsive design for any device size
  • Good organized and customizable code
  • High-performance re-styling approach
  • Accessibility friendly
  • Adopts to Bootstrap based themes
  • Easy views and templates customization
  • Works without Javascript even

WooCommerce Products Wizard is made with love


  • Woocommerce Extra Product Options (check the );
  • Woocommerce Subscriptions.


Try the WooCommerce Products Wizard before you buy

Email for access to an admin panel and experience how
WooCommerce Products Wizard fits into your eCommerce store!

The plugin requires a minimum 5.5 PHP version.

The plugin gets updates and improvements regularly


= 8.2.1 =
Fix: Icons bug with the custom styles file
Fix: Bootstrap 3/4 cross CSS grid bug
Tweak: Documentation update

= 8.2.0 =
Removed: Variable products without default selected variation
New: Admin custom styles settings
New: Pre-defined kit base product setting
New: Product tags output setting
New: Output product title link setting
New: "Don't add specific products to the cart" setting
New: "All items are selected by default" setting
Tweak: Hide out of stock items using product attribute filter
Tweak: "Selected items by default" setting variations support
Tweak: "Excluded products" setting variations support
Tweak: noUiSlider update
Tweak: Admin improvements and fixes
Fix: Products filter by category work bug
Fix: Individual cart controls bugs
Fix: "Don't add to cart" setting within kits using
Fix: Price range filter values bug
Fix: Bulk edit bug

= 8.1.0 =
New: "Hide choose element" step setting
Tweak: Clickable thumbnail of "type 5" item template
Fix: Drop steps on disable/enable the plugin
Fix: Rare PDF generation bug

= 8.0.0 =
Removed: Subtotal and discount rows from widget and results
New: Unlimited steps with any products within instead of just
New: Custom inputs in steps description
New: "Exclude already added products of steps" setting
New: "Merge thumbnail with gallery" step setting
New: "Kit base price" setting
New: Products/categories price discount rules
New: Product item view type 6
Tweak: Minimum/Maximum products selected/quantity rules based on
one or multiple steps
Fix: Small admin improvements
Fix: Line nav view bug

= 7.0.0 =
Removed: "Enable all tabs availability" setting
Removed: "Enable single step mode" setting
New: "Mode" setting and new "sequence" mode
New: "Expand filter by default" step setting
Fix: "Store session in the DB" global setting initialization bug
Fix: Variation data pass bug
Fix: Combined kits quantity bug
Tweak: Code optimization

= 6.0.0 =
Tweak: Global API refactoring
Tweak: Better nav UI
New: Form item view with modal
New: Nav template setting and a few new templates
Fix: Rare product variation bugs

= 5.1.0 =
New: Images variations view
Fix: Multiple variation properties bug
Fix: Results PDF total pages bug
Fix: Minimum/Maximum total products quantity among pages bug

= 5.0.0 =
Removed: "Include full styles file" global setting
New: "Styles including type" global setting
New: "Store session in the DB" global setting
New: Filtering by a search string
New: "Excluded added products" term setting
New: "Kit price" for combined kits setting
Fix: Pagination with filters bug and among pages cart bug
Fix: Cross-terms filtering results bug
Tweak: Filter section toggling
Tweak: Code optimization and fixing

= 4.5.0 =
New: Results emailing settings
New: Buttons variations view
Fix: Sticky elements rare bugs
Fix: Extra Product Options with variable products init bug

= 4.4.0 =
Tweak: Migrate to Bootstrap v4
Tweak: Styles refactoring
Fix: "Skip" button appearance bug

= 4.3.0 =
New: Minimum/Maximum products selected setting
New: Minimum/Maximum total products quantity setting
New: Default product quantity setting
New: Image-radio/checkbox filter views
Tweak: Form notices and messages refactoring

= 4.2.3 =
Tweak: Code refactoring
Fix: Steps dependencies bug
Fix: Subscriptions fees pricing bug

= 4.2.2 =
Tweak: Performance optimization
Fix: Prematurely published table layout bugs

= 4.2.1 =
Tweak: Small code improvements
Fix: Subscription products choose bug

= 4.2.0 =
New: Discount setting
Fix: Extra Product Options with variable products bug

= 4.1.0 =
New: Selected items by default setting
New: Products exclusions setting
Tweak: noUiSlider update
Tweak: More reliable description editor in the admin part

= 4.0.0 =
Fix: Styles bugs
Fix: Stock bug with combined kits
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.21.0 =
New: "Add to cart" button behavior setting
New: More options for text strings
Fix: "Hide prices" option bug
Tweak: Templates improvements
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.20.2 =
Fix: Min products quantity check on product remove bug
Fix: Steps settings save bug

= 3.20.1 =
Tweak: Deep code refactoring
Fix: Min products quantity check on product remove
Fix: Max products quantity bug with the stock limit value

= 3.20.0 =
New: Edit cart item button
Tweak: Admin part updates
Tweak: Documentation update
Fix: Lost "remove cart item text" option bug

= 3.19.0 =
New: Min/max products quantity setting by another step's products
in the cart
New: Min/max total products quantity setting
Tweak: Documentation update
Fix: Individual controls work bugs

= 3.18.0 =
New: Min/max selected products setting by another step's products
in the cart
Fix: After product remove bug
Fix: Min/max selected products calculation bug
Removed: Deprecated numeric grid layouts and excess template

= 3.17.0 =
Fix: Individual controls in the single step mode bugs
New: Bulk dependencies edit
New: "Hide prices" option
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.16.0 =
New: Redirect to the wizard on product add to WC cart option
Fix: Tabs order bug with WC v3.6.1
Fix: EPO plugin files upload better support

= 3.15.1 =
Tweak: 4.8.4 EPO plugin version support
Tweak: Better cart reflections work

= 3.15.0 =
New: Combining products in the kits option
New: Order products by price
Fix: Single step layout widget bug
Fix: Losing products from the other pages bug

= 3.14.0 =
New: Bootstrap 4 framework support
New: Product "Update" button
New: "Don't add products from this step to WooCommerce cart" option
Fix: "Extra Product Options" bug with validation and conditions
Fix: Filter reset on adding/removing a product
Tweak: Widget position on mobile
Tweak: Documentation update

= 3.13.0 =
New: "Item description source" setting
New: Filtering by an attribute
New: Filters refactoring
New: Filter select view
Fix: Product dependencies bug
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.12.2 =
Fix: "Extra Product Options" default values bug
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.12.1 =
Fix: Single step products order bug
Fix: "Extra Product Options" bug with the kits
Fix: Old IE bugs
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.12.0 =
New: Maximum products selected option
New: Quantity change for the kits
Fix: Products reflection on the main cart bug
Tweak: RTL support
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.11.2 =
Fix: "No selected items by default" with "Minimum products
selected" bug
Tweak: Code refactoring
Tweak: Translates update

= 3.11.1 =
Tweak: Code refactoring
Tweak: Scripts including control

= 3.11.0 =
New: Products grouping in the cart setting
Fix: Long pagination bug
Fix: Insignificant code bugs

= 3.10.0 =
New: Responsive grid columns settings and customizable grid layout
Fix: Empty filters bug

= 3.9.1 =
Fix: HTML validation bugs
Fix: Bug default Woocommerce scripts influence
Fix: Single step mode work bug
Fix: Variations availability bug
Tweak: "Reset" button availability in a single step mode
Tweak: Dependencies using refactoring
Tweak: Results table widget refactoring

= 3.9.0 =
New: Gallery column setting
New: Products order setting

= 3.8.1 =
New: Get wizard APIs
Fix: Variation availability bug
Fix: No-JS version submit bug
Fix: Product stock data output

= 3.8.0 =
New: Product stock data output
Fix: Missed wNumb script

= 3.7.0 =
New: "Reflect products in the main cart immediately" option
Tweak: Step description visual editor

= 3.6.1 =
Fix: "Minimum products selected" setting work

= 3.6.0 =
New: More message settings
Fix: Small code bugs

= 3.5.0 =
New: "Scrolling up on the form update" option
New: Messages options
Tweak: Admin settings grouping
Tweak: Code refactoring

= 3.4.1 =
New: Norwegian translate by Jan Arne Bakke
Tweak: Variation attribute views refactoring
Tweak: Deep views refactoring

= 3.4.0 =
New: Filtering products
New: "Clear WooCommerce cart on confirms" setting
Tweak: Views refactoring
Fix: Admin Select2 rare bug

= 3.3.2 =
Fix: PrettyPhoto plugin re-init bug
Tweak: Table responsive script launch better reliability
Tweak: Documentation update

= 3.3.1 =
Fix: Variable product work without "Extra Product Options" plugin

= 3.3.0 =
New: "Minimum products selected" setting
New: French translation by Louis Houde
Tweak: "Extra Product Options" plugin variable products support
Tweak: "Extra Product Options" plugin support in single-step mode
Tweak: Views refactoring

= 3.2.0 =
New: "Show sidebar" option
Fix: Results table empty column
Fix: Add to cart occasional bug with 3rd party plugins versions

= 3.1.1 =
Fix: Rare redirect bugs fix
Fix: "Extra Product Options" plugin initialization bug

= 3.1.0 =
New: "Final redirect url" setting

= 3.0.0 =
New: Minimum/maximum product quantity options
New: Enable/disable results tab option
New: Styles update
Removed: "Minimum products to add" option
Tweak: Deep refactoring