WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker – Sevengits


This plugin converts the shipping address entered by the
customer to respective coordinates in Google Maps. The
map’s marker in the checkout page will navigate
to the location entered in the address field, wherein the customer
can pinpoint the exact delivery point for their order.

During product checkout, the marked pin-points will be received
at the backend as longitude & latitude points.


Sevengits WooCommerce Checkout Location Picker plugin just gets
rid of this chaos in your store’s product

When your customer fills in the delivery address field during
cart checkout, our plugin will automatically adjust the map
provided alongside to the entered address. Here the customer can
then pinpoint their exact location.

In short, you will get the address in the exact longitude and
latitude of the place, marked in your map at the backend. Which is
well, a lot more convenient than describing landmarks over the

All the features, labels, options used in the plugin are highly
flexible and can be turned on or removed at any time as per your

That means you can easily customize and make it compatible with
your WooCommerce theme.