WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping


Cart Based shipping allows you to set different shipping rates
based on the items a customer has in their cart. There are three
calculation methods: by the subtotal price, by the number of items
in the cart, and by weight. For example, the higher the subtotal or
weight of the cart, or the more items a customer is purchasing, the
higher the shipping rate may be. You may also set this feature to
be available only to certain countries.

The WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping plugin works alongside your
WooCommerce store by adding a new shipping method directly to your
WooCommerce settings. The familiar layout and easy to use options
will make it simple to setup and use in your store.

3.1.1 (January 16th, 2019)

  • Removed: ‘Enable/Disable’
    settings as this is controlled by WooCommerce now
  • Removed: ‘Method
    Availabiliy’ settings as it was deprecated in WC
  • Enhanced: Legacy method now hidden from new users and disabled
    prior installs
  • Enhanced: Minor bug and syntax changes.

For a complete list of changes, view the

  • Simple, straight forward settings page
  • Shipping base on the cart’s subtotal, number
    of items ordered, or total weight of all items combined
  • Create multiple instances through WooCommerce shipping
  • Customize the shipping label ouput
  • Calculation based on prices with or without tax
  • Calculation based on subtotal before or after coupons
  • Set a fixed shipping rate or charge a percentage of the
  • Set a minimum or maximum shipping price that the customer will
    be charged regardless of the percentage
  • Set a minimum or maximum requirement the customer must meet
    (based on calculation method)
  • Exclude shipping classes so items assigned to these classes
    will ship free
  • Export / Import all settings for this method
  • WPML compatible
  • Lifetime of free updates
  • Courteous, helpful support