TaskGo SaaS – Tasks Management Tool



TaskGo is a perfect tool to fulfill all your project management
needs. Its a highly effective tool to improvise your business
operations if you’re an organization handling
various projects. Its simple yet efficient layout will make
managing projects easier than before. With a SAAS version create
plans using a super admin login.


Url :

Login as Owner : / 1234

Login as SuperAdmin : / 1234

What to expect from TaskGo SaaS – Project
Management Tool

  • An effective dashboard with a graphical representation of tasks
    and projects.
  • Access to tools in multiple languages.
  • Feasibility in finding tasks and projects with a search tab on
    the top.
  • Kanban task management system to see the progress of various
  • A feature that enable attaching important files to
  • Creating milestones and assigning tasks to see task achievement
    in an organized way.
  • Multiple user allowance with project base permission
  • Use system based on Dark and Light mode of theme
  • Get your payments done with Stripe and Paypal payment


Please send for any issues, questions or suggestions. To save
time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask
for support in comments section.