Recruitment Management for Perfex CRM


Note:This is a
modulefor . Not a standalone script.

Brief description

Recruitment Modulefor Perfex CRM, is a set of
tools designed to automate and manage your
organization’s recruiting and staffing
operations. From posting your jobs to keeping applicants connected
and engaged throughout, Recruitment Module lets you manage your
entire recruiting process.

Reduce routine tasks such as scheduling interviews by
automating your recruitment software and free up your schedule for
more pressing activities. Online recruiting management systems
create a one-stop application process for job seekers. With the
help of an applicant tracking system and candidate relationship
management, a recruiter can increase his or her client database and
provide an overall better candidate experience.

Please check out the uploaded screenshots, which demonstrates
all visible parts of the module.

  1. Create job positions and job descriptions

  2. Create candidate evaluation sets

  3. List of evaluation criteria

  4. Candidate evaluation forms

  5. Create On Boarding Process

  6. Create recruiting proposal

  7. The list of recruitment proposal requirements has filter by
    department, position and status. See details for information on the

  8. Support to directly view attachments

  9. Create recruitment campaigns

  10. Create recruitment form

  11. Create candidate profiles

  12. Detailed candidate profile. You can take care of
    candidates: exchanging calls, emailing, checking by phone,
    interviewing by phone. These activities are logged in

  13. Candidate capacity

  14. Create interview schedule

  15. Detailed interview schedule

  16. Evaluation of candidates

  17. Recruitment statistics


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    module inside Perfex CRM, if you are not aware on how to do it.


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    Version 1.0.0 / 16.06.2020

    • Initial version.