Mr. Bullet -Construct 2 (capx+html5)


Mr. Bullet is a unique puzzle game that gives you the chance to
display your sharpshooting skills by playing as a spy and
eliminating enemies. As a legendary spy, it is your mission to
eliminate the bad guys using not only your shooting skills but as
well as your ability to solve tricky puzzles. Mr. Bullet will give
you many exciting and challenging missions that make playing with
physics enjoyable.

For Mobile Devices: Touch anywhere to aim.

For PC: Touch anywhere to aim.


-Advance ragdoll physics.

-Slow motion effects.

-Advance particle effects.

-Addictive gameplay.

-30+ levels.

-Mobile optimized.

-Physics based puzzles.

Note 1: Construct 2 r277 is required to open the template.

Note 2: Third party plugin used within the project is given
inside the file.