Midrub Ebay RSS – Create RSS Feeds with Ebay's Products


Midrub Ebay RSS is an app for which allows you to generate RSS
Feeds based on eBay’s products.

Midrub is a CMS for business which provides the essential
features to start a business. You can develop your own components
easy and create themes for user dashboard and frontend. You can
control all user’s features based plans and with
Team’s feature, users can create custom roles.
The Midrub’s Api allows to create endpoints easy
for your components and apps.

The apps in Midrub means user’s services. You
can control them per plans and decide in which
user’s menu will be and position.

With Midrub Ebay RSS your clients will be able to generate
RSS’s Feeds based on eBay products. They can
select available eBay’s websites, categories,
type of products, best offers, etc. and generate an RSS Feed.
Midrub Ebay RSS allows even to create RSS Feeds based on their
keywords(Example: iPhone X).

Each created RSS Feed can be saved with your title and the title
will be displayed in the RSS’s code. Also the
title will be displayed in the RSS Feeds and the History Page.

Users can create a list with RSS Feeds and manage them. In the
History tab they will se the number of views of calls. To avoid
abuse, you can control per plan the number of RSS calls. Each call
takes time/server resources and for this reason is better to limit
the calls.

The generated RSS Feeds have images and your clients can easy
connect the created RSS Feeds to publish the products with images
on social networks. Moreover the RSS Feeds can be used outside
Midrub. Users can copy the url and use where they want. For example
publish automatically in their websites and use referral code to
earn money. Midrub Ebay RSS allows to create RSS Feeds based on
countries(by using the eBay’s websites) and
custom the list with eBay’s products to get only
the interested products.

Midrub Ebay RSS supports the Midrub’s Teams
Feature and users can decide which of their
Team’s members will have access to this app.
With Midrub’s Api you need very short time to
create new endpoints for this app and use it remotely to create RSS
Feeds for any purpose.

If you want to test the Midrub Ebay RSS app please sign up