Leo Extra Tab – Unlimited Product Extra Tabs Prestashop Module


You want to display all detailed product information on your
ecommerce website? So that customers may have their best
consideration and finally feel happy with their purchasing.
However, it is very hard to make everything not be confused because
there are too many contents to be shown such as delivery,
insurance, safety policy, etc. Then Unlimited Product Extra Tab
Module is a great support for you in creating a product page with
full information arranged and displayed clearly.

In detail, this module will help you add new tabs in the product
page besides default tabs in PrestaShop versions. You can create as
many tabs as you need. Especially, to build a tab quickly, you can
select CMS mode. It will automatically create a new tab based on
available data. You can also design your own content to make it
more impressive with text, image, video,form,etc. with ease.

Let’s discover now!

1. Create
Unlimited Tab Number

This module allows you to create as many tabs as you want.
Especially, adding a new tab is also very simple with few setting
steps in the back office. After that you own a product page with
various information tabs. Thus customers just need to click on each
tab to get details of products.

2. Create New
Tabs With CMS

You are enabled to build a new tab with CMS. It is very quick
and convenient as you can make use of available contents.

3. Create New Tabs With Customized Contents

You are able to make tabs more lively and eye-catching following
your own style. This module supports different widgets in building
contents for tabs as image, video, form, text…By
that you can make advantage of your creativity to create a product
page with complete and useful information.

4. Easily
Select Display Type

There are 3 types of displaying tabs. The first one is show in
all product. If you select this mode, the tab will automatically
appear for all product pages. Secondly, you can allow the tab to be
present in some certain product categories with Show in product of
selecting category. Especially, for these 2 types, you easily
exclude any products from applying the tabs by inputting ID of this
product on box Except product. The third mode is show with product
ID. You just need to input the ID of products which you want the
tab to appear in.

5. Increase the navigation for product page

This module helps you introduce to customers much information
about products but not making them confused. Because all
information is clearly arranged and displayed in separate tabs.
Customers just click on the title of each tab to find what they

6. Simply
Install And Customize

Quickly installing and Easily Customizing is great advantages of
this module

User-Friendly Interface

You are enabled to manage this module with ease. Because
it’s interface is very simple and friendly to
use even if you are a newbie.

8. Multi-Language And Multi-Store Support

If your store aims to target customers who use many different
languages. Do not worry! This module supports multi-language and
multi-store also.

9. Drag N Drop

With this feature, you can immediately change the position of
tabs just by drag and drop. It is very convenient and time-saving
for you.

10. Strongly Compatible With PrestaShop 1.6 And 1.7

This module runs smoothly on PrestaShop newest version 1.6 &
1.7. Thus, you do not worry of any incompatibility.

11. Perfectly Work On All Web Browsers

This extra tabs module is strongly compatible with all web
browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

Excellent Customer Service

Our dedicated team always accompanies you to bring you the most

Unlimited Product Extra Tabs Prestashop Module
– Main Feature

  • Create Unlimited Tab Number
  • Create New Tabs With CMS
  • Create New Tabs With Customized Contents
  • Easily Select Display Type
  • Increase the navigation for product page
  • Simply Install And Customize
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Multi-Language And Multi-Store Support
  • Drag N Drop
  • Strongly Compatible With PrestaShop 1.6 And 1.7
  • Perfectly Work On All Web Browsers
  • Excellent Customer Service

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