Global DNS – Multiple Server – DNS Propagation Checker – PHP


Global DNS allows you to instantly check the DNS records across
multiple servers. It provides an insight to end users on which
server website is pointing to. It is also helpful to check the
current DNS entries incase the DNS records are changed.


Multiple DNS Record Types

You and your end users can check multiple types of DNS records
like A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT and much more. There are a total of 10
types of DNS records to check.

Multiple Servers

There is no limit on how many servers you can add, more the
severs better the stats. You can on how to add and setup server for
Global DNS.

Dark Mode

Following current trend, Global DNS also has a Dark Mode. It
can be enable by single click by the end user and in case if user
has set preference as Dark Mode then by default it will be


You will need a hosting account to install this. You will also
need multiple shared hosting account to act as a server for this
PHP Script. You can also opt for Free Servers at this URL .
To get a premium experience you can also buy Paid Servers
for Global DNS

You can directly use DNS Server IP to fetch the DNS Records, but
for that
you will need shell_exec function.

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