Formio – Remote Form Submisson and Management System



Formio is a remote
form submisson and form management system. Your users or customers
submit forms from all of your websites to one place, Formio.


  • Submit your forms to one place
  • No need to any back-end codes or server side
  • Get responses as an email instantly and also save them on
  • Open/close your forms to new responses anytime yo want, you do
    not need to delete your old forms, keep responses as long as you

Demo Details

  • Username:admin
  • Password:12345678


Formio does not have
internal HTML forms. Main objective of Formio is gathering
responses of your website’s static HTML forms to
the one place. Therefore, after creating a form on Formio, you
should get the form’s API address as described
in the and set it as the action URL of your HTML form.

If you want to try, you can send a form to
this URL and see your response in demo.