E- Academy – Online Class and Course Management System



E-Academy is designed for coachings, agencies, and institutes
providing options to manage courses, give online guidance, online
papers and results. This E- Academy is developed and build on the
very famous – CI abbreviated as the
“CodeIgniter†MVC framework.
Featuring all aspects to manage and organize all yourCourses,
students, and students at one place.

Main Features

Features for Admin

  • Login
  • Manage Frontend
  • Manage Batches
  • Manaeg Course
  • Add/Manage Subjects
  • Add/Manage Questions
  • Create Exam Papers
  • Add/Manage Teachers
  • Add/Manage extra class
  • Add/Manage Students
  • Upload Video Lecture (Youtube Links)
  • Add/Manage Notice
  • Add/Manage Gallery
  • Features for Students (In Web.)

    • Login
    • View Notiice
    • Attend Online Exams
    • See Extra Class Timing
    • Home Work
    • See video leactures
    • See Vacancy

    Features for Teacher

    • Login
    • Add/Manage Questions
    • View Exam Papers/Results
    • Extra Class
    • Upload Video Lecture (Youtube Links)
    • View Notice
    • Home Work Manage

    Try our admin demo –

    Admin: Username –

    Password – [email protected]