Draw Pixels Heroes Face | HTML5 Game Template


The game will give you an image, your mission is to draw the
same image as the image below. Draw the right color in the right


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Made with Construct 2 (No license required)
  • 59 events with own mechanics, no reski = Competent support
  • Save game (localstorage) = Compatibility forever
  • No required coding
  • All platforms fully responsive
  • take photos png
  • sliding movements, not just touch
  • Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  • you can almost directly built and make revenue out of this app
    as it also includes Google AdMob support.
  • Support (24/7)

What you Get:

  • Game HTM5
  • Cordova, PNGs, Icons…
  • Construct2 Source (capx)