Clover – Real-Time Messaging, Audio & Video Conferencing Web App – Node.js, React, WebRTC, Socket.IO


– Messaging & Conferencing

Clover is an
instant messaging & conferencing web app with audio /
video capabilities
, both in
one-to-onecalls and in
group callswith

multiple remote peers

Live Preview

You can
register with your email, or you can use these two demo accounts: ,
. Password: envato.
In order to test video / audio calling, please remove the
Envato frame from the live preview.


must run on a
clean private server or VPS with public (not mapped) ip
, we advise towards a Ubuntu 18.04 server with at least
2GB of RAM. We provide a

fully automated installation script
Ubuntu 18.04 LTSthat will save you a lot of time
and a huge headache!

If you need a control panel supporting multiple domains and PHP
on the same server, you can have Hestia Control Panel. Contact us
for a paid installation service Hestia + Clover. Clover is not
compatible with cPanel. It can run with Plesk but we do not provide
installation service on Plesk servers as it is too complex.


Welcome to the Honeyside experience! You can access the
full and the is here for you, even before purchase. Also take a
look at our , because… well,
it’s nice â¤

If you can’t find what
you’re looking for on our forum and / or you
wish for a more direct contact, try one of our support channels!

  • Email:
  • Telegram:


Clover offers a
lot of features, we encourage you to try them all out in the demo

  • Instant Messaging through Socket.IO
  • Group conversation rooms
  • Audio / Video one-to-one and one-to-many via WebRTC
  • Adding another peer to an existing call
  • Muting local audio or local video
  • Switching between audio and video call
  • Video cover / contain button during call
  • Sending images, even multiple images at once
  • Emoji support with “bubble
    removal†for emoji-only messages
  • Profile image
  • Nice login / register page
  • Admin panel to create, edit and delete users
  • Mobile version, phone and tablet, for instant messaging! Audio
    and video calls will now work on mobile!

Framework and

Clover is a MERN application, developed using Node.js
– Express – MongoDB on the
backend and React – Redux on the frontend. It
also relies heavily on Socket.IO and mediasoup WebRTC. Mediasoup is
more stable than standard WebRTC and does not require a STUN / TURN


2.0.3 - October 11th, 2020
- Fixing minor security issues with rooms
- Fixing message link color in incoming messages

2.0.2 - September 24th, 2020
- Close call when closed by counterpart on ringing or during the
- Prefer TCP transport for better call quality

2.0.1 - September 12th, 2020
- Minor bug fixing

2.0.0 - September 10th, 2020
- Core chat system rework
- UI rework
- Switched from p2p to SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) for audio /
video meetings
- Now we are using mediasoup for meetings
- STUN / TURN is no longer required
- Stable on mobile browsers: Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS

1.4.0 - June 2nd, 2020
- Added screen sharing feature

1.3.1 - April 14th, 2020
- Added configuration options for easy rebranding in config file
- Added documentation for rebranding options
- Fixed Electron documentation issues 

1.3.0 - March 30th, 2020
- added electron app
- fixed call button issue not appearing on mobile
- added demo mode switch in frontend config, defaults to false
- fixed admin tab issues

1.2.0 - March 5th, 2020
- added administrative tab to create new users, update and delete
existing users
- added protected api routes that can be accessed only from the
admin user

1.1.1 - February 27th, 2020
- frontend and backend can now be hosted on different servers

1.1.0 - February 14th, 2020
- added audio / video capabilities for mobile
- fixed multiple details visualization issues in Safari
- fixed contact list visualization issue in Safari
- fixed contact list visualization issue on mobile devices

1.0.1 - February 13th, 2020
- minor bug fixing

1.0.0 - February 11th, 2020
- first version