Class Timetable – Responsive Schedule For WordPress


Class Timetableis a super flexible schedule plugin
for WordPress, with a fully responsive interface and fascinating
UI. It is absolutely suitable for fitness, yoga, dance classes,
medical departments, any kind of event calendars, and so on.

The Class Timetable helps you easily create a timetable with
custom data just in a few minutes. All classes will be shown
visually in both weekly and monthly or daily timetables and
filtered by category as well.

Yolo Class Timetable – Full Features

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly

    Class Timetable is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It will
    be displayed perfectly on any mobile device.

  • Easily Add Items

    Giving users a new experience during using process, the plugin
    is a perfect solution with the compatibility with Elementor,
    WPBakery ,or class editor. The integration will simplify the way to
    use this class, schedule plugin a lot.

  • Multiple View Options

    With Eleemntor and widget config, you can easy to change the
    layout, content display and color on your schedule. Easy to config
    with multi-option and live preview. All classes will be shown
    visually in both daily, weekly ,and monthly timetables and filtered
    by category as well.

  • Filter with Categories & Levels

    You can use category or level wise filtration on your class on
    the schedule easier.

  • Class Pop-ups

    Clicking classes will open class popups. You will have a lot
    class information on the popup form. They’re
    completely responsive and mobile compatible and are shown using a
    nice animation. The animations use CSS3 animations when possible to
    increase performance.

  • Auto Sync from public resources

    Class Timetable can be auto-synced from several public sources,
    such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Moreover, on the Import
    Type section, it has a Save Recurrence option which has
    synchronized function. When you create classes on Apple Calendar,
    after a certain period of time, it will be automatically updated on
    the website’s schedule based on the inputted

  • Classes Manual Settings

    This feature helps you create classes based on specific days.
    When you check this box, you will no longer be able to use Advanced
    Schedule (Advanced Schedule will automatically create classes based
    on the number of weeks and weekdays).

  • iCal file Exporting & Importing

    Class Timetable plugin allows users to export schedules to
    iCalendar file and import classes from Apple Calendar conveniently
    with no effort.

  • Multiple Classes, Teachers, Schedules layout

    Class Timetable plugin allows users to show the Classes,
    Teachers ,or Schedules to the page or post easily with the
    Shortcode with many beautiful layout and style.

  • Premium Plugins Compatibility

    The plugin allows users to easily add items thanks to the
    compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual
    Composer), Elementor, and TinyMCE Editor. These plugins come with
    the full-featured functions that are perfect for a Schedule

  • Comprehensive Document

    We included in the plugin package a dedicated document file to
    guide you step by step installing and customizing the plugin. You
    also can find the detailed online guide on our support center

  • Regular Update

    We keep updating the plugin regularly with more addon features
    and minor bugs fixed. Just one-time payment, you will get the
    update lifetime for free.

  • Free premium support

    In addition to dedicated documentation, the senior developers of
    the plugin will support you. We are happy to support you to build
    your amazing website.


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