Ascension – Responsive Landing Page


Ascension is a responsive landing page that’s
built specifically for showcasing apps and software. It comes with
12 built-in landing page templates so no matter what you need to
showcase, you’ll always find the right one that
suits your needs.

Bonus eBook: A Beginners Guide To Landing Pages, by Adi

“A Beginner’s Guide to
Landing Pages†is a short eBook I wrote as a bonus for
purchasing one of my landing pages on ThemeForest and its purpose
is to help you get the most out of your new landing page.

Inside you’ll find information regarding the
proper structure of a landing page, best practices, things to avoid
and also lots and lots of examples. You’ll also
get an insight into practices for better conversion and A/B

The eBook is avaible in both .PDF and .IBOOKS formats.

built-in landing page templates

Ascension comes with 12 templates that are ready to go. All you
have to do is choose the one you like and add your own images and
text. You can find both lead-generation and transactional pages.
See the demos for the complete list.


The majority of components have multiple variants.
That’s because I understand the need to
personalize each template to match your
product’s unique style. Here is the full list of
components that have variants:

  • Buttons: 5 variants
  • Cards: 3 variants
  • Forms: 2 variants
  • Icons: 3 variants
  • Lists: 10 variants
  • Sections and wrappers: 3 variants
  • Separators and spacers: 9 variants
  • Headings: 3 variants
  • Media objects: 3 variants
  • Hero area: 12 variants
  • Call-to-action: 8 variants
  • Product features: 9 variants
  • Pricing tables: 3 variants
  • Testimonials: 4 variants
  • Page footer: 3 variants

Modular structure

Ascension is built with modularity in mind. You can mix and
match various components for the perfect layout. It comes with tons
of elements ranging from very simple (like buttons and video
containers) to more complex (like tabs, media objects and pricing

On top of this, the included developer files make it super easy
to create new layouts by using partials.

Built with
conversion in mind

The Ascension landing pages use best-practices for landing page
design so that you’ll have a high conversion
rate. This depends on you too of course, but I believe
I’m giving your an excellent head-start by
providing 12 templates to help you create your perfect landing

3 built-in color schemes and font pairs

Ascension comes with 3 built-in color schemes and 3 built-in
font pairs and it’s super easy to switch between
them. These are placed in their dedicated CSS files so
it’s very easy to create your own color scheme
or font pair by editing these CSS files. You can see these live in
the demo pages by using the demo assistant in the left side of the

Developer files

The package you’ll receive after purchasing
Ascension contains two types of files:

  1. First, there are the distribution files that you can use right
    away. They consist of compiled CSS, JS and HTML
    that’s ready to go—all you
    have to do is edit the HTML files and add your own content.
  2. Secondly, there are the developer or source files. These
    contain a Gulp-powered workflow along with Sass, JS and Panini
    files. These allow code-savvy developers to quickly make changes to
    any part of the landing page templates. The Gulp workflow is custom
    made by me and it’s the same one I used when
    developing this template.

Responsive to the

Ascension is a responsive landing page. It’s
based on a custom made framework that’s powered
by Flexbox. This leads to a clean and very easy to maintain
codebase. Every aspect of the template has been tested and written
so that it looks great on every device—from
smartphones to large screens.

On top of this, any new element that you might add can be easily
made responsive by using the built-in Sass mixins and

HTML documentation

The template comes with an extensive HTML documentation. It is
part of the package you receive after purchase, but
it’s also .

Supported item

I believe item support is incredibly important so I always do my
best to offer it where it’s needed. Please use
the item comments area for support requests.

High performance

All Ascension landing pages are built for high performance.
I’m using two techniques that seriously increase
page performance and decrease the page loading time: lazy-loading
images and sprites. These help tremendously and because of them,
the Google Chrome Audit tool consistently score the landing page
between 90-100.

I kept the server requests to a minimum and off-loaded
JavaScript files to fast CDN’s where possible.
The users on mobile data plans will thank you for these performance

Mobile-friendly touch slider

Ascension uses a touch slider that’s mobile
friendly and can accomodate any kind of content.

compatible forms

The Ascension forms are compatible with the MailChimp email
marketing platform. That means you can grab your MailChimp forms
and paste them in an Ascension landing page and they will be styled
accordingly. This process is described in the included

customizable landing pages

Every part of the template is
customizable—even more so if
you’re using the included developer files. The
CSS is neatly organized so you can easily find the components
you’re looking for.

Registration page

Ascension includes a simple registration page that you can use
to collect user information. It’s not linked to
any back-end service, but you can easily use a MailChimp form
inside it. See the demo pages.

Realistic demo

The demo pages are built around fictional products, but they
feature realistic images and copy. I did that because I never liked
lorem ipsum text and I wanted to show you the closest thing to a
real landing page. I hope this will help you visualize how your
product might look like when using the Ascension landing page.

Here’s the complete list of features

  • 12 built-in landing page templates
  • Multi-variant components
  • Modular structure
  • Built with conversion in mind
  • 3 built-in color schemes and font pairs
  • Developer files included
  • Responsive to the conversion
  • Extensive HTML documentation
  • High performance
  • Mobile-friendly touch slider
  • MailChimp compatible forms
  • Highly customizable landing pages
  • Registration page
  • Realistic demo pages
  • Compatible with all modern browsers, IE10+
  • Valid HTML
  • Lazy-loading images
  • CSS sprites
  • Built with Sass and Panini
  • Supported item

Resources and

Here is the complete list of resources used in the creation of
this template.


CSS Libraries




Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to check out Ascension.
I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating
this landing page.

If you have questions or comments, please submit those to the
Item Discussion section and if you purchased the theme please take
a minute and rate it, it helps me a lot and it would be greatly

Thank you!