360 Design – graphic contest freelancing marketplace


360 Design is a perfect market place web application for whom
who is seeking to start a new business with the limitation of

This web application will help you to start your own business
from the scratch. you will have the control over almost everything
happening in this application even on over every single user and
every single event. new users will be able to start contest by
paying a certain amount and designers will join to the contest by
posting their design which is asked in the created contest.

After this contest creator will be able to qualify few designs.
from where he/she select the final winner by paying the amount he
payed already when created the contest. Contest creators and
designers both will be charged in certain amount of percentage
which will be fixed by admin. Every single event and
functionalities made with keeping the thought in mind of best user
experience. Admin will have all control over all of this
functionalities. instruction is explained in Application

Technology used

    Php 7.2+
    MySql 5.7+
    Laravel 5.8


    PHP >= 7.2+
    BCMath PHP Extension
    Ctype PHP Extension
    JSON PHP Extension
    Mbstring PHP Extension
    OpenSSL PHP Extension
    PDO PHP Extension
    Tokenizer PHP Extension
    XML PHP Extension
    GD PHP Extension


    Easy to Control All Events
    Super User Friendly
    Deep Details of Transactions
    Control over users
    Visual Navigation manager
    Dynamic Role Management System
    Secured Form Fields
    User Management
    Profile Management

User Credentials

user: superadmin
pass: superadmin

user: jackma
pass: jackma

user: stevejobs
pass: stevejobs

user: warrenbuffett
pass: warrenbuffett

user: markzuckerberg
pass: markzuckerberg

user: elonmusk
pass: elonmusk